Health Recovery and Rebancing:

postural re-alignment and integrity;

cultivating body, energy and mind;

meditation in movement;

breathing, wholeness and wellbeing.


Tai Chi and Chi Gung are powerful exercises to rejuvenate and harmonise body and mind. We practise gentle but challenging movements that improve posture, strength, flexibility, coordination, energy and mindfulness. 

Our friendly classes are suitable for all ages and adaptable for different levels of fitness. The sessions are drop in, with monthly discounts available. Please contact us for more information, or just come along and try it out.

What people say...

“I love this taichi, it makes me feel so alive!.”


“So I’ve been doing taichi at the Leeds Tai Chi Academy for quite a few years now. I didn’t think it was for me to start with—too frustrating, not physically taxing enough—but I thought I’d stick with it long enough to give it a fair chance and I’m very glad I did. I feel healthy and fit, my body is stronger and more supple than it used to be, my mind is steadier, and I’ve met really sound like-minded people. My favourite thing is that I always know it’s there for me when I need it—I know that if I start a taichi set I will come out of the other end feeling good: refreshed, strong, calm and happy. It’s a good feeling, like doing meditating and exercise at once. If you’re thinking of doing taichi I’d definitely recommend Arun as a teacher, of the ones I’ve tried he’s the best by miles.”

Yours, John
“We have found your Tai Chi classes very beneficial.They help to make us feel more supple and to clear our minds.
The exercises you showed Peter help with his Parkinsons symptoms too.”
Carol and Peter