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Beginners Welcome. Please contact us for details and booking:                                 07581 217074, or

Daoist Tai Chi/Chi Gung  

You will discover Tai Chi as a physical exercise and a moving meditation : how to be in the body, and feel good.

Principles of Internal Exercise, through form, co-ordination, stretching, and meditation.

This self-healing art is a therapy that works through repetition of the forms and principles, with mindfulness.

The extra time allows us to examine some of the movements in greater depth than in weekly classes.  


The benefit of attending a workshop is to go deeper and learn faster, to refresh the body and mind more effectively.    

Harmonising body, energy, and mind.

Releasing stress and tension, and strengthening the weak areas.

Enhancing postural alignment and integrity, breathing, clarity, and positive mood.

Extended practice of this moving meditation thereby generates profound wellbeing, health and vitality.

Further Workshops

Lok Hup Ba Fa, Sabre, Sword, Xing Yi, Yi Jin Jing, as extensions of Daoist tai chi health arts.